Apple Airpods (2nd Gen)

Apple Airpods (2nd Gen)

This isn’t much different from the 1st Gen. They look same and it is almost the same airpods.

The charging indicator is now on the outside, while the pairing button at the back is placed slightly higher. The exposed metal hinge at the back now has a matte finish instead of a chrome coating, and this might be a pedantic observation, but it makes a slightly different ‘snap’ sound when you close the lid. The non-wireless case that comes with the lower priced second-gen AirPods looks the same as that of the original set.

While this may feel like an anticlimax for some, Apple says the inclusion of a new H1 chip improves connectivity and battery life, and allows for a new ‘Hey Siri’ voice activation feature, while an optional wireless charging case means you can use a Qi-compatible charging mat to power the case, rather than sticking a cable into the Lightning charging port in the bottom of the case.

The new Apple AirPods sound good, not great, but good. While the earphones produce relatively deep bass that’s not highly accurate, it handles the highs quite well but the mids are slightly dampened. With a slew of features that will cater to most users’ needs, the AirPods would make an excellent package if it weren’t for the premium one has to pay for them. The value for money factor weighs in heavily as the new AirPods are steeply priced at Rs 18,900 when you buy them with the new wireless charging case. However, buying them with a standard case that costs you Rs 14,900 feels like a better proposition since wireless charging is still a ways away from taking on wired charging and the company is not providing a wireless charger either.

These are the best wireless earphones you can get. You should invest in these as these are great sounding and works seamless with iPhones.

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