Modern-day smartphones are no less than a magician’s wand. The line between professional cameras and phone cameras have been made thinner than ever. There are even a few upsides to using a smartphone for photography, rather than a DSLR camera; a smartphone is highly portable as compared to cameras. Also, nowadays smartphones have a bunch of different camera setups and lenses that take the smartphone photography game to a whole new level.


Among these new amazing cameras which the latest smartphone makers boast of, are telephoto or ‘zoom lenses’. Among the most common camera setups in smartphones we’ve seen this year, the 2x zoom telephoto lens has to be one of the most common ones. These cameras tend to give you a picture that is zoomed as twice as the regular camera lens.


The telephoto camera lenses and their use in mobile photography has been a controversial subject among YouTubers and tech critics. Most of the smartphone reviewers and experts deny the usefulness of these lenses and many of them consider the zoom lenses to be nothing but a gimmick or just eye-candy on the smartphones’ specifications list. But what I think as a photographer, is that these cameras can be pretty useful if used for the purpose they are designed to fulfill; to observe and encounter frames that you might not find using the regular camera lens.

We often ignore some pictures because they don’t seem to be intriguing, but after cropping a portion of the image, it might come out as a delighting shot. For example, take a look at this shot:

An image of plants

Original image, taken on the regular 1x lens


same image, cropped in

Same images seems better after cropping into a good frame.

The first shot is decent , but while shooting that picture ,I tried to find those frames with telephoto lens which the regular one was not able to find. That is when I got the second one , which seems way better. I would’ve never found that zoomed-in version of the same image if I hadn’t used the telephoto lens on my phone while capturing that particular image.


During my journey with photography, I have used these telephoto cameras a lot of times; mostly with a purpose of finding such a frame that my regular camera couldn’t. The zoomed-in view gives a new and different perspective of the same shot that you took or might have taken from your regular camera lens.


So, there you have it. Use your zoom lens to see frames of things which are further ,and move towards them if you can(or shoot them from your regular lens to crop the image to find your desired frame) to then use your regular lens and click pictures with the frames which you wouldn’t had found out if you didn’t have had these zoom lenses.

Now, sit back and enjoy some of the pictures I shot from my phone after discovering awesome frames of skies using the telephoto lens:

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Devie- Xiaomi Mi A1

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