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Apple launched the iPad Pro 2018 edition recently at an event in New York. The old iPad pro got an update. The MacBook Air and Mac mini also got an update. Here we will talk about the iPad Pro.

Outside of this both the new 11-inch iPad Pro and new 12.9-inch iPad Pros will feature LCD Liquid Retina, True Tone screens. Apple claims both screens are the most accurate and responsive its ever created. With the new USB-C it can be connected to almost anything it be monitors, machine or any ting with a USB-C port.

The new iPad Pros will feature FaceID. This will let you secure and unlock your iPad Pro 2018 using the 7-megapixel front camera. On the rear you’ll find a single lens 12-megapixel camera.

Under the hood they will run using a new 7nm, eight-core A12X Bionic CPU. The CPU has more than 10 billion transistors. Apple claims it will offer 35% faster single core speeds and 90% faster multi-core performance than its predecessor. Clock speeds were not revealed.

The CPU will have a 7-core Apple designed GPU the company claims is 1000 times faster than the original iPad. It claims it will let the new iPad Pros offer “Xbox One S level” graphics.

The latest generation Neural Engine will also appear on both to help the iPads deploy machine learning solutions and features, like a new fast storage controller that let Apple give it 1TB of storage without sacrificing read/write speeds. Both versions will also be sold with 64GB, 256GB, 512GB and Gigabit LTE options.


The outer rim is now much slimmer and cleaner than before, and you can just make out the sensors locked away on the left-hand side, glinting and trying to pick up your face.

Compare this to the iPad Pro 12.9 of 2015 and you’ll feel like you’re holding something truly next-generation.

The loss of the home button on this tablet is felt the least out of all the Apple products to eschew it – there’s no way that you can easily plop your thumb on that section of the bezel anyway, without worrying that you’re going to drop your expensive iPad Pro.

The new USB-C connector means you won’t be able to use any Pencils of old though – those Pencils needed to be plugged into the Lightning Port in order to pair with the iPad – which will probably annoy those who are upgrading from the iPad Pro 12.9 that was first unveiled in 2015.

Software & new gestures

The iPad Pro was launched with IOS12. And has got some new gestures as there is no home button. Apple has been making a big deal about the augmented reality capabilities of its devices of late, telling anyone who’ll listen that AR is going to become a ‘thing’ in the near future.

Screen Quality

The screen quality of the new iPad Pro 12.9 is what sells this device – it’s just so expansive, and impressive for something that’s more portable than you might imagine. Combine that with the power of the new A12X Bionic chipset inside, and there’s very little this thing can’t handle.

Battery & Camera

The new large iPad Pro is supposed to last ‘all-day’ on a single charge if you’re just using your tablet for general tasks, and not trying your hardest to run down the battery. However, Apple really skirted over this element in the keynote, so something tells us that battery life isn’t going to be a headline spec here at all.

There’s also the same 12MP camera here as seen on the iPad Pro 11, so if you need to use the camera for work, or in an educational scenario, we’re thinking this is a nice thing to have.

The camera can be very useful for Pro users. The camera also has an bump as the body is very thin.

Price according to variants

11-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) – Starts at Rs 71,900

11-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + Cellular) – Starts at Rs 85,900

12.9-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) – Starts at Rs 89,900

12.9-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + Cellular) – Starts at Rs 1,03,900

Second Generation Apple Pencil – Rs 10,900

Smart Keyboard Folio for the new iPad Pro (11-inch) – Rs 15,900

Smart Keyboard Folio for the new iPad Pro (12.5-inch) – Rs 17,900

Smart Folio for iPad Pro (11-inch) – Rs 7,500

Smart Folio for iPad Pro (12.5-inch) – Rs 9,900​

Overall Verdict

It is a great deal for professionals. Those who are using old iPads can also switch to this as it has got new processor and a new Apple Pencil. The smart keyboard is also a valuable accessory for this new device. Editing Professionals whether it be pictures or videos they are going to love that. Although there is no headphone jack Apple says that with the new design they have removed that. The speakers in this device are great sounding. With the overall accessory it makes the iPad Pro best tablet. I personally love the iPads and I have been using since 3 years and they are great with updates and performance and will surely make you forget your laptop or pc. And is indeed powerful than the most of the laptops as Apple says. If you’re planning to buy one should go for it and if you are on less budget you can increase and you’re going to find it worthy.

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