iPhone XS & XS Max

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max was launched in September 2018 & runs on iOS 12. The Smartphone is available in three color options i.e. Gold, Space Grey, Silver & provides a host of connectivity options in terms of 3G, 4G, GPS, Wifi, NFC Bluetooth capabilities.


The iPhone XS screen builds on the OLED panel from last year’s iPhone X, bringing the same resolution (2436 x 1125) and same pixel density (458 pixels per inch) as the screen from the iPhone X.

The iPhone XS Max is the largest smartphone Apple has ever created. With a 6.5-inch display, barely any screen bezel and the now-iconic top-screen notch it’s a dominating presence in the hand.


Apple iPhone XS boasts of dual primary camera of 12 + 12 megapixel and 7 megapixel front Camera. It also supports Face Detection and high dynamic range(HDR) imaging.

When it comes to shooting videos, the iPhone has consistently been at the top of the charts in our camera comparison tests, and the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are no different. Like before, you can shoot 4K at up to 60fps, a feature still lacking in some popular Android flagships.

If you are shooting at 30fps or higher, a new setting — enabled by default — allows the iPhone to dynamically drop down the frame rate to 24fps to let in more light when shooting in poorly lit conditions, which should improve the quality of your videos. All three new iPhone models support now stereo recording as well.


The Smartphone is powered by 2.5 GHz Hexa Core core Apple A12 Bionic Processor. A 4GB of RAM ensures phone runs smoothly even the most memory intensive applications & still shows no signs of lag. 64 GB of internal storage can not be expanded further.


The iPhone X is equipped with a non-removable Li-Po 2,716 mAh battery – about the same capacity as the iPhone 8 Plus. The Low-Power mode, which you can enable manually, should prolong your iPhone X battery life once the charge drops below 20%.

The iPhone X ships with a sluggish 5V/1A wall charger which will replenish only 20% of a dead battery in a 30-min charging session.

The iPhone XS Max is powered by the largest battery Apple has put in a smartphone to date – a Li-Ion cell of 3,174 mAh capacity. The iPhone XS Max ships with an outdated 5V/1A wall charger that will replenish only 18% of a dead battery in a 30-min charging session.

We also tested the iPhone XS Max on a Qi-compatible Samsung wireless fast charger – it recharged 15% in 30 mins.

Overall Verdict

This is the current flagship of Apple before the iPhone 11 Launches. This is a considerable device if you don’t have a iPhone X. You can wait for the new iPhone 11 launch if you’re seriously looking for an upgrade over older 8+ and below. This is a great device and if you can wait for the price after the newe launched to be reduced than this is your pick and if iOS doesn’t matter much for you can go for the Note 10+ and S10+ also.

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