Oneplus 7T vs Oneplus 8 – Worthy in 2020? A 3 months review!

Oneplus 7T vs Oneplus 8 – Worthy in 2020? A 3 months review!

Oneplus 7T was launched as a midterm upgrade to the Oneplus 7 device and still offers so much! I have used this device for the past 3 months and I think it’s still a worthy option and it is a device you can go for instead of the Oneplus 8. So this article is kind of OnePlus 7T vs Oneplus 8.

Oneplus 7T price in India is at 34,999 INR for 8GB+128GB.

Oneplus 8 starts at 41,999 for 6GB+128GB, 44,999 for 8GB+128GB and 49,999 for 12GB+256GB

Let’s discuss briefly!

OnePlus 8 Pro is clearly larger than the OnePlus 7T Pro. The display is 6.78 inches compared to the 6.67-inch screen on the older phone. The OnePlus 8 Pro is also a bit less rounded compared to the 2019 7T Pro. The only visual difference is the display notch vs the screen cut-out or the hole punch on the Oneplus 8.

The Oneplus 8 comes with the fastest chipset right now the Snapdragon 865 and Oneplus 7T have a Snapdragon 855+. The OnePlus 8 comes in 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB of RAM models, while the OnePlus 7T Pro was only sold with an 8GB model. The RAM on the new model uses the faster LPDDR5 memory, compared to the LPDDR4X RAM. Both phones use the fast UFS 3.0 standard.

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a sizable camera upgrade. Both phones have a 48MP sensor as their main camera, the OnePlus 8 Pro boosts its wide-angle camera to 48MP as well, compared to the 16MP wide-angle sensor found on the OnePlus 7T. The cameras were good on both devices.

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a much bigger 4,300mAh battery compared to the 3,800 mAh battery on the OnePlus 7T. Both phones use the Warp Charge 30T tech for fast charging. The Oneplus 8 should charge up to over half its capacity in just 23 minutes. And the Oneplus 7T goes 0-100% in 70 minutes.

Overall Verdict

I have been using the Oneplus 7T for a few months and the device is incredible. I have used it to click pictures with Gcam and its normal camera and saw a noticeable result in the details department. The night sight was also good as I got a few updates that tweaked the camera and low light photos. I have used this device till the last battery and battery backup is decent. The gaming experience was literally the best among all the Android devices. This device outshines all the other android phones at that price bracket. I played PUBG for hours and ran very nicely and also charged it while playing to check the Oneplus’s claim. The screen was smooth and the display quality is good. The charging is still the best and within no time it charges the device fully. The Oneplus 7T is a must-have device in 2020 the performance is so good with the most favorite version of Android the OxygenOS. The updates I have been getting on this device has got my trust that it will really improve with the proceeding OS updates. This a better option to get rather than getting an Oneplus 8 as we don’t have 5G here in INDIA and we have seen the quality of speed and network in the COVID19 pandemic lockdown when the speeds were really low and worst. So, this will also save 7000 INR if this matters to you otherwise go for Oneplus 8. You should get it if you are willing to buy some device near 30K INR get 5K more and get this device. This device still offers more than most of the devices in that price bracket and has a very nice and durable finish. I will suggest you get Oneplus 7T and save some money. Or else get the Oneplus 8 Pro.

Here are some image samples of Oneplus 7T which I tested

Read the full review of OnePlus 8 & Oneplus 8 Pro here.

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