Realme Buds Wireless – Review – Best Bass Heavy Earphone Under 2000!


Realme Buds Wireless

  • Bass-heavy
  • Good battery life
  • No dual connectivity
  • Little lag while Gaming

Realme Buds Wireless – Review

There are many neckbands and earbuds you can get under 2000 and beyond 2000 also. But the most comparable ones with Realme Buds Wireless are now Redmi Buds and Oneplus bullets Wireless Z alongside Oppo Enco M31 buds.

The price of Realme Buds Wireless is 1799 and comes in 3 different colors.

So now let’s discuss how good this device is and how it performs under various conditions. This is one of the best earphones under 2000 in India 2020 you can buy.


The Realme Buds Wireless is very well made and looks good. I have been wearing it for a long time and these are really comfortable in the ear while working out these are really great as these sit perfectly and don’t move. The rubber tips are also very comfortable and the color options are good I like the black one so I got that.


The Realme Buds Wireless pair fast and the buds have a magnetic control so when you separate them they are ready for connection and when they are attached it pauses and then when you put back it resumes. It is a bit slow a few times but gets the job done. And I had many circumstances where I used them and they worked only a few times I triggered delay and rest it worked fine. I easily moved to the other room and it was still connected and did not face any problem while calling and listening to music. The only cons are you cannot connect it to 2 devices and use it so here it lags.


Realme say and the website also says that it’s been tuned by Alan Walker and these are really bass-heavy earphones as it has 11.2mm Drive. This is a must-have for the bass lovers. Sometimes the bass even overshadows the instrument but that’s not every time so it’s good. The instruments sounds are also good and this is the best earphones for music you can get. These are even better than the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z in terms of bass and music. The device was able to play very nicely and I didn’t hear any distortion at the highest volume. I am a bass lover and I have been using these as the daily earphones. And I am loving the sound quality and the bass is very top-notch I like it and I recommend this for music.


I used this for calling during the home workout and while riding and the person didn’t face any problem and was able to hear me and both the sides were happy with the response we got.


There is a noticeable delay when I used it but when you start using it you will adapt to it and will see it normal but there is a noticeable lag while playing PUBG. The lag is very minor and you can still use it for this.


So battery life is a major concern in these wireless buds and here is my experience. I got about 10-11 hours of battery and including overall usage like music games and calling. If you play at less volume you will be able to get more battery life out of these earphones. I am happy with this battery life alongside that thump and bass.

Overall Verdict

I spent my time with these Realme Buds Wireless and I am happy with these! They offer some good music experience alongside a heavy base. I am a bass lover so I liked it and it is ideal for every bass lover to feel the same base and thump inside their ears and it is satisfying. The calling was good to build is good and there are only cons of dual connectivity otherwise it’s great. I recommend these Realme Buds and you should get it. There is also Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z which is not bass heavy but has more battery and is lag-free. So if you are a bass lover, use it for calling get it. If you want more battery and no delay in gaming meanwhile getting some really balanced music output with a bit less bass go for Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z they have bass but not so much like these Realme Buds Wireless.

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