If you are about to learn a programming language, I can tell you confidently that Python has to be among your top languages to learn. To help you with that, I’ve literally dived deep into the internet ocean and found some valuable but free python courses and tutorials for you. Your search for the best python course for you ends here.

Here’s how to make your system Python-ready.

Before we start, I want to tell you that you need to set your system up for running python codes.
  1. You can download Python interpreter here. (Recommended version: 3.7 or 3.8)
  2.  open the Installer and click on the checkbox with label ‘Add python to path’  (generally found on lower side of the installation window)
  3.  You can now simply click on Install button.


Some of the Best free python courses and tutorials:

1. Google’s Free Python Class (level: Beginner)

The tech giant Google also has its own python class. What better of a tutor than the biggest tech brand like Google?

They do a great job of letting you get familiar with the syntax and basic data types because strong basics make you an amazing coder.

Here’s a link to the course : Google’s Python Class


2. Python Core and Advanced- on Udemy (level: Beginner and Intermediate)

This course is currently free on Udemy, and was created by Bharath Thippireddy .

This is a video series of lectures taking you through almost every necessary concept of python. What this course does is that it makes you familiarize with important topics like Errors and exceptions, OOP concepts, threading, etc. A python coder should know at least the basics of these Python topics.

Here’s a link to the course : Python core and advanced (Master the fundamentals of Python in easy steps)


3. Python tutorials by Data Flair (level: Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced)

This is my favorite and personally recommended website to learn Python.The best thing about these blogs is that they are simple,straightforward and there something for everyone; a beginner, and intermediate and an advanced coder. This is a great learning repository for everyone.

Also, there’s my personal bias with Data flair because it is a company situated at Indore. *Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes*

Here’s a link to the course : Python tutorials by Data flair


4. Python for Beginners by Microsoft (level: Beginner)

Another tech giant Microsoft is out here on YouTube , with a playlist of 44 short and simple videos teaching you the basics of Python.

It includes various Quick starts to some of the most important topics of the programming language. These videos were created by Christopher Harrison (Senior Program Manager) with his co-worker Susan, at Microsoft.

Here’s a link to the course: Python for beginners (on YouTube)

5. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (level: Beginner and Intermediate)

This E-book is one of the best books ever written for a programming language. Among the most popular books, you can find its E-book from various sources around the internet.

Here’s a link to the book: Automate the boring stuff with Python

So, here it is. Go ahead and start learning! Have fun with the most beautiful programming language.

Also, read many other blogs on python here

talk to me about anything : kshitizdewani@gmail.com

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