WWDC 2020 Announcement – iOS14, iPadOS, macOS Big Sur, Siri advancements, Apple Silicon

WWDC 2020 Announcement

Apple hosted an online stream of the WWDC 2020 amid the Covdi19 pandemic. This was an online stream and OMG! Apple! like always hosted some of the best stage shows and launch events. This was no other despite being an online event. The nailed it the show was amazing and the way they edited and went inflow was really amazing to watch. So, now coming up to the Announcement in the WWDC 2020!

iOS 14

 Apple announced the awaited iOS 14! The iOS 14 gets widgets you pin this among your apps. Also, there is a smarter way to use widgets as it will show according to the day and the next task you are about to do! Like if you woke up and then check your device then it will be showing news briefing and when you did it will be showing the schedules and the meetings you have to catch up! iOS 14 also gets a new app library to the home screen! a new feature that automatically organizes apps based on their categories. It seems great for quickly accessing apps that normally live outside of the first or second page. Siri is getting smarter and as per Apple Siri is now 20x more powerful than it was past 3 years! So it now adds up many many more questions throughout the globe! and will answer more fluently! Siri now will not be taking the whole screen space instead it will be using the bottom part whenever you access it!

Coming with iOS 14 is a big update to Apple Maps that includes new cycling-specific navigation, among other things. It can alert you to increases in elevation as well as a notification if you’ll need to carry it upstairs to get where you’re going.  It will get a view that lets EV drivers know where chargers are along their routes.

Now you can use your iPhone to unlock your car and it is a digital key for your car. You can register a key in your Apple Wallet, and when you walk up to a supported car, you’ll unlock it via NFC, then start the engine once your phone is resting on a pad. The keys are stored on-device, and it can be deleted from the cloud if you need to. It will be coming to the BMW 5 series for now.

App Clips is coming to iOS 14, which is like its version of Android’s Instant Apps. The gist is that you won’t need to download a full app to be able to gain access to what it offers, in addition to being able to make a purchase through it via Apple Pay.

More Memoji is coming in this update!

iPadOS 14

The iPadOS was also introduced along-side iOS! This will also feature the same Siri updates and widgets! Other than this one feature I liked the most was scribble that allows you to write andy the and it will convert it like the OCR thing work. If you make any shapes it will correct it and then add to the exact shape and size. Apple is touting a new sidebar as its way of making it much easier to navigate apps. It showed it working on Apple Music and other apps. Apple also redesigned search on iPad, and it looks almost exactly like Spotlight on macOS. It can help you find contacts, search on the web, or serve as a Launchpad-like function to launch apps.

macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur gets the biggest visual update since OS X. You now get a customizable Control Centre on macOS Big Sur, giving you access to controls like Wi-FI and Bluetooth. You can also add controls and drag them to the menu bar.

Notification Centre gets a new design, combining notifications and widgets in a single view.

Safari on macOS Big Sur gets a customizable background image on the start page. There is also a dedicated Safari Extensions category for easier discovery of extensions.

Web Page translation, which is currently in beta, can translate web pages between seven languages.

Messages and Maps on macOS Big Sur get the same set of new features introduced on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.


Apple Watch can now track sleep this was much-awaited feature!

Apple Watch can now track dance! The workout app uses the Apple Watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer, mixed with heart rate data, to track a range of dance types.

Apple Watch now tracks Handwash! Apple Watch now automatically detects when you begin washing and helps you keep going for the amount of time recommended by global health organizations.


Apple TV users can now access HomeKit-enabled video cameras and accessories by using Siri or Control Centre and receive doorbell notifications on the big screen with live feeds showing who is there. tvOS 14 expands multi-user capabilities to include Apple Arcade and other games.

Apple Silicon

Apple has been using Intel chips for a long time and this year it was awaited to see a new Apple Chipset for its macs and now it is here! It will be available soon and might take 2 years for the transition to complete! This custom chip will drive the next generation of Macs and help introduce new features faster while making them more efficient to use.

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